Melity is uniquely suited to large-scale communication, social engaging management solutions and design projects. It has extensive experience building high-profile web communication portals and web applications centered on complex and immersive interactions with data and online media of all types. Melity is highly skilled in both the design and technical aspects required to produce cutting-edge online applications that carefully consider the end-user’s experience and our clients’ brand identity.


Melity thrives on working on cutting edge technologies and implementing innovative solutions in enterprise environments. The interactions and relationships with its clients give it unique insights into the direction of the marketplace.


Melity also brings expertise in creating powerful tools that consolidate several different services and data into one customizable experience. Some of its core offerings are in areas of rich media and asset management solutions.


Finally, Melity brings excellent project management and project execution expertise. Deploying large enterprise grade application involving multiple integration points requires communication, coordination and collaboration. Details of our development methodologies are described in detail further in this document.