Media & Entertainment

As experts in media industry software development, Melity Services can help companies rapidly expand into digital spaces while controlling project costs – setting the stage for healthy long-term profit margins. Here’s how selecting Melity Services for your media industry software outsourcing project can help you be more competitive:

  1. The right solution – we can help you decide   whether you should upgrade legacy applications or tailor new   off-the-shelf solutions that meet your specific requirements –   cost-effectively.
  2. Faster time to market – our   expertise in utilizing Agile development  and Scrum project   management  methodologies has been demonstrated on more than 100 major   projects.
  3. Project lifecycle and program management expertise –   you can delegate the entire media industry software development   project, from system design to development, testing and implementation.
  4. Reduced risk – with over 2,000 use cases to draw   upon, as well as our own proprietary software modules, the risk   associated with a project is significantly reduced.
  5. Performance-based contracts – we confidently offer our clients this option to ensure that you get full business value for every dollar invested.