Melity Services’ Retail software development team has helped clients increase profits and market share in the Retail industry. While well-designed retail software is a key element in creating customer satisfaction, this is a highly specialized function that only a few companies do well. Clients large and small turn to Melity Services for Retail software development because of these five important benefits: 1.     Faster time to market – on one project, implementation of our retail software cut the time for product change approval from 5 days to only 2 hours. 2.     Reduced risk – with our proven retail software solutions you can expect to introduce changes without disrupting your production process. 3.     Increased efficiency as our retail software improves the production process. 4.     Lower costs – as a world leader in Agile development methodologies, Melity Services excels at structuring the retail software development process to deliver full business value for every dollar invested. 5.     Performance-based contracts – we confidently offer our clients this option to ensure that you get full business value for every dollar invested.