For Utility Companies, there is no time to waste. The timetable for smart technology will soon require large-scale investment, and forward thinking players will already be plotting their course. The opportunity presented by digital is there for the taking, the question is can utilities, with their legacy business models, now take advantage of the new reality?
For today’s consumers, digital technology is mainstream, as their accelerating adoption of online connectivity and social media demonstrates. With new entrants keen to enter the market, and smart metering offering them a way to do so, utilities are facing a last chance to innovate and stay ahead. To be successful, Utilities have to show they can change how they operate, switching from being an ‘power and water suppliers’ to an ‘power and water services providers’.
Melity has created a technology framework specific for the
Utility industry that allows our customers to create new opportunities and services for their customers through connected applications. These tools help Utilities stay current with the evolution of digital trends and regulation compliances.
Our solutions are turn key and can be hosted in our private cloud or your infrastructure based on our customers need.